David Punch is using his voice to spread one simple but strong and moving message,“We’re Not Different, We’re the same, We’re all under the stars”. With his latest song release, Different, David Punch wants us all to realize just that. Even though there are things that make every individual unique, we still all share the same core. 

His goal is pretty clear as well, to make it his mission so that no one ever feels alone in spite of our differences. We all hurt, we all cry. 

A talented multi-instrumental singer and songwriter, David Punch is adding motivational speaker to his list. Being a person whose “difference” is having Asperger's Syndrome (a neuro developmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication) his life experiences with challenging issues such as bullying, and working on his mental health makes him the best person to offer hope and encouragement. 

*Thank you to producer Dave Skelton and artists such as Gavin James, Kodaline and James Bay who inspired and believed in the making of Different. 

 Link to Different